New Political Party Slovenian Union

15 December 2009


On Saturday 12.12.2009 new Slovenian political party, Slovenian Union, was formed. The leader of the new party is dr. Vlado Dimovski, former minister of labor, family and social affairs, and ex member of the ruling Social Democrats.


Five years after joining the EU and NATO, Slovenia is in economic and social crisis. The unemployment rate has reached 10% this year, some of big companies bankrupt, workers are protesting for higher minimum wages and against Governmental pension reform, and with no serious Governmental vision to lead the country out of the crisis people are seeking a new social contract.


In such situation a new political party, Slovenian Union, is being formed which aims to bring together citizens of Slovenia and proposing new social and economic model.


The Slovenian Union's program called "BACK TO THE PEOPLE FOR THE FUTURE" is based on constitutional values and new humanly modern approaches to managing the companies and the state.




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