Category: Cities & Towns in Slovenia
Population: 50.000
Economy: Tourism, metal-processing
Commerce: Shops (CityCenter), restaurants and bars, disco.
To Visit: Museum, castle, park, Smartinsko lake
Events: International Trade Fair, Veronika's Nights
Famous Citizens: Alma M. Karlin, world traveller and author


Celje is the City of the Counts. It is also "the town where I want to live". Could the residents have selected a better slogan for their town? Could a town wish for more than for its inhabitants to love living in it?

Celje has a population around 50,000. The city prides itself on its rich history. The Celts, and later the Romans, laid the foundations of the ancient Celje, bestowing beauty and glory upon it, and in medieval times, the town drew its power from the Counts of Celje who spread the splendor of the three stars of Celje across Europe.

The town enjoys the reputation of a rapidly growing city that is nice to live in and pleasant to visit university center. A visitor to Celje will be immediately impressed by its beautiful setting, surrounded by abundant greenery, parks, and forests. The Savinja River flows past the old town on its way to join the Sava River. The medieval old town welcomes you with restaurants, numerous boutiques, sidewalk cafes, cobbled streets, and narrow passageways. The ancient castle walls dominate the town a majestic residence of the past Counts which is currently being restored to its former glory.


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