Rafting on the Soča river

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Beside rafting you can enjoy also in canyoning, hydrospeed, kayak, canue,...


Rafting is becoming ever more popular amongst the visitors of the Soča Valley. Previously skills or knowledge are necessary in order to experience rafting on the Soča River. We are offering different kinds of tours on the Soča River, some of them are suitable for younger children and some are for older people.
When you decide to go on rafting Soča tour, first you will meet wiht the rafting guide in Bovec, there you will get necessary rafing equipment that consist of rafting helmet, neopren suit, life jacket and rubber shoes. The only thing that you should bring wiht you from home is towel and bathing suit.


Tour guide will then take you to the water enrty point, where he will give you some useful information, like dangers on the river and how to react in case if you fall off the boat.

Experienced guide will direct the rafting boat with his or her paddle, and your task will be, that you need to paddling too and to enjoy, ofcours. The paddling activity it's not so strenuous, except for some areas on the river,where the power and speed are require. During the rafting descent on the Soča River we will stop whenever you express the desire,where you will be able to bathe in the river. When the ride comes to an end, the van will take you back to Bovec, where the rafting on the Soča River began.  

Rafting on the Soča River is by all means an interesting experience, which is not to be missed also due to a most beautiful view on the nature. In case you might be considering an adrenaline ride, we would recommend you to plan a visit in May or September after a heavy rainfall, since the water level of Soča is higher at those times and the river has a more restless spirit therefore. Rafting activities otherwise take place from April to October in a continuous manner.

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