Rogaška Health Resort

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Accomodation: 3* and 4* hotels
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Wellness: LOTUS TERME Spa & Beauty in Hotel Sava, saunas


The foundation stone of this exemplary health center in Rogaška Slatina was laid in the Middle Ages; this is documented by the Latin dedication of the landlord on the side of the fountain intended for patients. The development of the health resort is linked with aristocratic names and crowned heads, and from the 17th century on, with science. At that time, a monograph was published with an analysis of Rogaška’s mineral water written by a Maribor doctor of physics, Johann B. Gründel. History is a wise teacher.

Today, the Rogaška Health Resort is a synonym for top quality, and here even the most demanding guests are satisfied. At the same time, Rogaška Slatina encourages the development of the study of mineral waters and still plays a leading role in this field in Slovenia. The Pavilion, rising like a crown above the well of unique, unusually rich in magnesium “Donat Mg” mineral water, is the energy center of the health resort. Classicism goes hand in hand with Art Nouveau and the latter with modernity; old ways of healing through drinking the mineral water are joined by a modern approach, as holistic as possible, to the strengthening and renewal of health, primarily in the field of digestive and metabolic diseases.

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