Savica Waterfall

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Bohinj Lake has numerous inflows, the most important one is the Savica. Its water bursts from the underground of the Dolina sedmerih jezer (The Seven Triglav Lakes Valley) in the walls of Komarča as Savica Waterfall, which is the most famous Slovenian waterfall. The Savica runs over 38 m long level and falls almost 51 m deep. Total difference in height is 78 m. Another smaller waterfall also falls 25 m deep. Both waterfalls together form the two-part waterfall in the shape of the letter A. Right after the pool, which is artificially supported, is a small dam.

The 45 km long Sava Dolinka starts as the Nadiža Creek in the Planica Valley under Zadnja Ponca in the Julian Alps, at the altitude of 1,222 m, near the Italian border. The stream goes underground and after 5 km breaks out again at the height of 842 m in Zelenci, near Kranjska Gora. A notable (left) tributary of it is the Radovna, which flows through a beautiful gorge called "Blejski Vintgar". The Sava Dolinka flows through the cities of Kranjska Gora, Gozd Martuljek, Jesenice, near Bled and Lesce. The first in a series of hydroelectric plants on the river, "Moste" (22.5 MW) is located near Žirovnica.

The shorter, 31 km long Sava Bohinjka originates under the Komarča Ridge at the altitude of 805 m, from underground sources drained from the Triglav Lakes Valley. Until Lake Bohinj, the river is known as the Savica ("little Sava"), and features Savica Falls ("Slap Savica") a 60 m high waterfall at its source.[1] Then the Savica River flows through the Ukanc Gorge, where a 3 MW power plant "Savica" is located. Then it flows into Lake Bohinj, creating a small delta. Afterwards, as Sava Bohinjka, it flows through Bohinjska Bistrica, Bohinjska Bela and close to Lake Bled, before it meets the Sava Dolinka near Radovljica.

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