University of Maribor Botanical Garden

28 May 2012 to 28 May 2016
13-20.00, sa,su 9-20.00 april-nov.


Opening times and fees:

Opening season in the garden is from April till end of November:

from Monday to Friday the garden is open from 1pm. till 8pm (or dawn), on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am. till 8pm (or dawn)


Contact us:

guided tours and other info: 00 386 51 692 325


Enterance fee:


adults: 4 euros

seniors: 3,5 euros

children, students: 3 euros

groups (over 30 people): 3 euros

guided tour in english: 36 euros




From motorway Ljubljana – Maribor:

take exit Maribor south (Maribor jug) and continue in the direction towards Maribor. Turn left at Hoče junction (direction Areh, Pohorje). After the roundabout take first right and follow the brown signs for botanical garden. Free car and coach park available.


From Maribor by public transport: Take bus no.2 from the station accross the road of City Tourist Office (TIC) or at the main square in the direction Razvanje. From the terminal station at Razvanje there is a 10 min. walk by the road in Hoče direction.

About the garden

Collections of ornamental shrubs and trees

Woodland near the entrance provides the shade for rhododendrons, hydrangeas and some other ornamental shrubs. More collections are laid along the garden, including fruit trees presenting old resistant cultivars.


Systematic area

In fifty-one beds in the systematic area plants are arranged in the systematic order, following plant families. Among these plants one can find species known from home, like peonies, bleeding harts, irises, pinks and carnations, as well as other native, ornamental, medicinal, edible or industrial species. When choosing plant species their geografical origin playes an important role, too.


Rock garden

is divided in three parts, each one based on a different mineral. Plants that prefer acid soils, like heather, rubigenous rhododendron and mat-grass, are planted in the part with volcanic minerals granodiorit and čizlakit. On the part with limestone there are plants that like basic soils, hellebores and garland rhododendron. A part with amfibolit and serpentinit is prepared for serpentinofits: Asplenium adulterinum and Sempervivum pittonii.


Irises, hemerocalis and water habitats

In May the collection of irises riches its peak and is shortly followed by hemerocalis collection. In summer there are waterlilies blossoming in the ponds. The water habitatas provide also place for collection of duckweeds (Lemnaceae) and other water plants. Some endangered species from slovenian flora can be found around the ponds.


Medicinal plants

In the medicinal garden sixty-six different medicinal plant beds are planted, each equipped with a label, providing its name and basic information on medicinal use.



Early magnolia blossoms are the jewels of spring image of the garden. Magnolias of bigger proportions can be found in broadleaves trees collections, magnolia shrubs are located on a side of rose garden.


Rose garden

Several rose cultivars provide beautiful flowers all over the summer, making this part of the garden particularly atractive to the visitors.



The rich collection of conifers predominates in the upper part of the garden. Magnificent old giant sequoias, spruces, firs, pine trees, junipers, yews and many more - they all arrest the visitors´attention through all the season. Spring brightens up with thoousands of Narcissi, of 78 different cultivars.


Experimental area

There are three research projects going on in the plantings of Castanea sativa, Echinacea purpurea and Ulmus spp.


Other information

Visitors can find three permanent indoor exhibitions:


exhibitions of minerals of Pohorje and some other parts of Slovenia,

hunters’ exhibition presenting wild animals from local hunting grounds and

poster presentation of archeological excavations in the area.




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