Equestrian Theatre Spectacle

12 Jun 2012 to 14 Jun 2012


A grand equestrian theatre spectacle is soon to be held in Maribor. Entitled 'The Way of the Rider' (La Voie de l’écuyer), this equine modern art performance will be a chance for Bartabas to showcase his horsemanship artistry, cultural heritage, tradition, and ancient skills, which will serve as a homage to the magical power of theatre and the elegance of the animal body.


'The Way of the Rider' will take place from 12 till 14 June 2012 in Hippodrome Kamnica (Maribor), starting at 9 pm each day. The spectacle was brought to the European Capital of Culture by Bartabas, art director, choreographer and the founder of a renown Théâtre Équestre Zingaro and the Académie du Spectacle Équestre de Versailles, a unique ballet group housed within the Grand Royal Stable of Versailles (Grande Ecuire du Chateau de Versailles).


Bartabas is the stage name of a French director, producer, and equine expert who has spent many years developing a special theatrical genre with horses. He regards horsemanship not as a sporting discipline, but as an art form that combines the elegance of the animal body with the magical power of the theatre. At the beginning of the decade the management of Versailles offered him the chance to run the former royal stables, in which he established an academy of theatre with horses - the only one in the world. The young horsemen-artists are learning ancient equine arts in a completely new way; among the main subjects they study are dance, singing, artistic fencing, and the traditional Japanese archery art of Kyudo.


In the performance, more than 30 horses take the stage (mostly Lusitanos), a breed remarkable for their beauty and elegance, and twelve actor-horsemen, most of whom are women.

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