Fourth Romano Čhon Roma Culture Festival

Ljubljana, Murska Sobota, Novo mesto, Ptuj and Maribor
29 Mar 2012 to 30 Jun 2012


Romano Čhon Roma Culture Festival / Roma Month is going to take place in Ljubljana, Murska Sobota, Novo mesto, Ptuj, and Maribor. This year it has expanded internationally as well, to Vranjska Banja in southern Serbia and Subotica in Vojvodina region. Climax of the festival is going to be a concert of a renown Roma musician Esma Redžepova that is scheduled for April 21, 2012.


Romano Čhon in Maribor is going to offer a diverse programme in April and June, inflicted by the rich Roma culture: Roma art exhibition, photo exhibition, ethnographic exhibition of objects that were used by Roma people throughout their history, a premiere of young Roma Theatre group, Roma culinary and film presentation. You will be able to hear poetic recitals of Roma poets with musical accompaniment, participate in dance workshops, witness traditional Roma dance performances, and learn about Roma rhythm in the percussion workshops for children. Theatre spectacle was prepared for the youngest »The Best Gypsy Musician« - a tale of the origin of Roma love, their musical ear, and their passion and love for the music.


Socially critical visitors are invited to be a part of the workshops and exhibitions in the unique, traditional, and noninstitutionalised Shadow Theatre - Karadjoz, where they will be able to think critically, encourage creativity, get to know one another, learn about different cultures, and learn about co-operation and solidarity in working in groups. Primary school pupils will be able to express their perceptions and understanding of multicultural social environment at the Zulk's Strip workshops. Highlight of the festival will without a doubt be a concert by the critically acclaimed Roma musician Esma Redžepova on April 21. The influence the festival has on academic, scientific, and research areas, will be showcased within the presentation of good practices, led by experts and Roma cultural activists working in Europe and Slovenia.


Students and professors from various departments at Faculty of Arts from the University of Maribor organised numerous lectures on different subjects: multicultural dialogue, human dignity, and stereotypes, prejudices, social integration and emancipation of Roma community.


Festival will be supplemented by performances and exhibitions of many international artists, musicians and painters, as part of the week-long Romano Čhon Creative camp in the second half of June.


More information can be found on the website of the aforementioned festival

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