Rock Otočec

28 Jun 2012 to 01 Jul 2012


Just behind the Otočec Castle in an idyllic location by the river Krka, the oldest Slovenian rock festival Rock Otočec takes place. Located near the city of Novo mesto, it is only 70 kilometres away from Slovenia’s and Croatia’s capital cities Ljubljana and Zagreb.


The very first Rock Otočec happened in 1976, back in the days when our country was yet not under the western influence. This could also be the reason for the festival not to make a comeback until 1983. Still, it has been traditionally organized every year since 1997.


Among many impressive Slovenian and foreign bands our visitors have been able to enjoy in performances of Guano Apes, Fun Lovin Criminals, Living Colour, The Subways, Asian Dub Foundation, Chumbawamba, Tarja, Apocalyptica ... The festival excels in a great variety of additional activities, taking place on many different locations on the swimming area by the magnificent river Krka. A good deal of interesting events does not subside during the day nor night; stand-up comedies, numbers of workshops, funny sports and social games in water, air and in our well-known mud. For those and many other reasons has this unforgettable experience gained the title “the Paradise”.


This year’s Rock Otočec is one of the main projects of the European Capital of Culture. Rock opera Man with Bombs, directed by Matjaž Berger from the avant-garde Anton Podbevšek theatre, will be therefore performed on the festival’s first day.


The unforgettable 18th Rock Otočec will take place from June 28 until July 1, 2012.


We will all meet in Paradise!


Already a tradition, Little Rock Island or better known as Rock Otočec, is one of the biggest rock events in Slovenia, established in 1976. With over 40 performances and over 10.000 rock-music connoisseurs it offers assorted workshops, contests, and competitions: in the mud, on the water, and in the air. A relaxed ambiance of living in nature, camping in tents, numerous rock concerts, and traditional mud playfulness invite many domestic and foreign visitors. The entire happening is captured in the official Rock Otočec magazine.


Festival promotes a high quality rock music and pleasureful lifestyle all the while condemning violence, intolerance, and consumption of illegal drugs.


To see the programme and the list of performers click here.


De-Tonation of Two Men with Bombs was labeled as a rock opera by Berger and his collaborators. However, as was the project evolving, the more it started moving in another direction - they've added Srečko Kosovel's Kons and Integrals to Anton Podbevšek poem collection Two Men with Bombs. It goes without saying that it is something new, something very different from what has been done before. It is a combination of music, art of words, movement, and other art forms, a genre that got the title with multiple meanings, de-Tonation. It resembles explosion, arsenal, tones, music; the word even entails a nation. Avant-garde and post-post-modernism sets it free, giving it a clear path, refusing to accommodate it in the fashionable order, to a traditional, an expected. Performers included in the de-Tonation will not reflect the new era or the era of Kosovel and Podbevšek, but »will interpret the 'social' context in which avant-garde and it's successors won or lost to the 'reality' ... it is only the 'conflict' of Siddhartha:performers that reveals the 'interpretation of the world' of de-Tonation,« explained Matjaž Berger, the Director. Even though it is based on the work of Kosovel and Podbevšek and interprets a certain state of being, de-Tonation doesn't represent the opposition of the contemporary art and culture, nor does it dispute or award it. It is simply as Berger emphasised: »De-Tonation of Two Men With Bombs bears solely an autonomous exploratory and interpretive ambition.«



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