Festival of music, wine and fashion

European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012
20 Mar 2012 to 22 Mar 2012


With notable guests from the music scene, wine making, fashion, and the concept of festival itself (synergy concerts, exhibits, workshops, films, activities for promotion of artists, etc.) various domestic and foreign institutions are interconnected in this project.

Highlight of the festival is also one of the most intriguing events of the spring part of the programme, a concert of Kings of Strings. We have also prepared teaching lessons for young musicians. Slovenian winemakers will present several Slovenian wines, most of which are from Styrian region; Slovenian winemakers will be accompanied by foreign winemakers originating from the countries that musical guests come from. Fashion highlight will definitely be a presentation of lace from Idrija, a pride of Slovenia that is going to be displayed in the form of workshops, exhibits, and fashion show.

Yamandu Costa Concert, 20. 3. 2012 at 7.30 pm, Union Hall

Yamandu Costa, virtuoso playing on a 7-string guitar is unbelievably talented musician and an improviser. He is also one of the few Brazilian composers of instrumental music. His unique sound consists of traditional sounds of his home in Southern-Brazilian music Shora and Samba, who he combines with bossa nova, milonga, tango, and shamam. 

Kings of Strings 21. 3. 2012 – 8.00 pm – Lent Festival Hall Maribor

Three guitar virtuosos are going to present different musical genres and styles of playing an acoustic guitar. Tommy Emmanuel is widely regarded as one of the guitar giants, which is also evident in the amount of awards he accumulated, from Rolling Stone, Guitar player, and a nomination for a Grammy. Vlatko Stefanovski is a synonym for a guitar in the Balkans.  Virtuoso Stochelo Rosenberg is a modern age Django Reinhardt, perhaps one of the most important guitarists of 20th Century. He has been playing Gypsy Jazz for over three decades now, swinging in various jazz manouches. 

Antonio Chainho Band – Lisgoa, Fado meets Indian music (a concert), 22. 3. 2012, at 7.30 pm Union Hall, Maribor.

After he released critically acclaimed records with Brazilian and African music, Antonio Chainho presents Portuguese guitar in India, creating a synergy between profane and the holy.

Petar Jankovic Ensemble (a concert) 22. 3. 2012, at 7.30 pm, Theatre Hall in Vetrinj Mansion, Maribor (Gledališka dvorana, Vetrinjski dvor, Maribor).

Petar Jankovic is internationally renown guitarist from USA. He assembled a string quartet with musicians from prestigious University in Indiana. 

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