From Boris Groys to Zagreb philharmonics

Maribor 2012, European capital of Culture
01 Mar 2012 to 31 Mar 2012


Maribor and its partner towns, cordially invite you to visit events on their March programme. There is plenty to offer: notable musical appearances, wine tasting, fashion, concerts, exhibits, workshops, films, etc. Be a part of the vast array of cultural happenings: from the epic spectacle of Wiemar period - Metropolis, to Music, Fashion and Wine Festivals, a worldly renown pianist Ivo Pogorelič, and Boris Groys, one of the most influential theorists on modern art and culture.

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Fritz Lang: METROPOLIS, projection of a silent film accompanied live by Symphonic Orchestra, March 1, 2012, at 7.30 pm in the Grand Hall of Slovenian National Theatre Maribor (SNG Maribor)

Epic spectacle from the Wiemar period, when Germany was at the height of its creative power. An integral, digital and remastered version of this film classic will be accompanied by a Symphonic Orchestra SNG Maribor under the leadership of a notable composer, conductor, pianist and music producer for silent films, Robert Israel. Original score is a work of Gottfried Hupertz.

7th International Conference about Social Responsibility and Challenges of Time 2012: »Culture innovation for more social responsibility - as a way out of social and cultural crisis, March 8 - 10, 2012, Theatre Hall / Vetrinj Mansion and a Styrian Chamber of Commerce, Maribor (Gledališka dvorana / Vetrinjski dvor  in Štajerska gospodarska zbornica,  Maribor)

Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility – IRDO and Public Institute MARIBOR 2012 – European Capital of Culture are organising an international conference, a junction of scientific and professional insights and practices. Honorable sponsor of the conference is Danilo Türk, PhD,  president of the Republic of Slovenia. Over 50 lecturers from 14 different countries will participate; scientists, researchers, practitioners, culture workers, and other experts among them. Lectures are divided into seven sections: Modern Science and Culture in the Light of Social Responsibility, Socialization of Culture and Social Responsibility, Economy and the Culture of Social Responsibility, The Development of Individual, Organisational, and Sociocultural Politics of Social Responsibility, Law and Social Responsibility, Culture / Art in Practice of Social Responsibility, and Social Business as a Sociably Responsible Innovation of Business. 

MAX KLUB JAZZ FESTIVAL (March 7 to 22, Velenje)

Max Klub Jazz Festival offers crème de la crème of domestic and foreign musicians selected by one of the most notable Slovenian Jazz Musicians, Jure Pukl. Five concerts are scheduled: European Movement Jazz Orchestra, Robert Jukič band feat. Miles Griffith, Howard Curtis Quartet, Valery Ponomarev Quintet, Nina Strnad band, and Jure Pukl & Matija Dedič project. The aim is to build a solid foundation for Jazz Festival in the future.

TWELVE – guest Boris Groys (March 9, at 7.00 pm, Maribor - Kazino Hall, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor / Kazinska dvorana,  SNG Maribor)

Maribor will host 12 outstanding individuals, each of them an epitome in their field of work or study, with different expertise: from arts to philosophy. Boris Groys, a professor of Russian and Slavic Studies at the New York University (NYU), will be a notable guest in March. He is an author and a professor of aesthetics and philosophy in the Centre for Art and Media Technology (Zentrum für Kunst uns Medientechnologie) in Karlsruhe. Fields he is interested in are modernism, Russian avant-garde, innovation, discovering new things, and the role archive and museums have in the society in general.

REVIVED SOUNDS OF THE PAST (Hugo Wolf) - Establishing an international information and  documentation centre of Hugo Wolf (March 13, 2012, at 6.0 pm, Slovenj Gradec - Hugo Wolf's House)

The web of multicultural events entitled Revived Sounds of the Past is based on preserving and reviving the historical town center and strengthening the identity of the birth town of composer Hugo Wolf (1860–1903), who was born to ancestors of Slovenian origin. A series of concert cycles called Wolf Connects will be held, while new life will be breathed into the newly renovated Wolf birth house with memorial museum and Hugo Wolf international information center.  The latter will serve as the hub and coordination point of the International Association of Hugo Wolf Societies.

GERMANS AND MARIBOR, (15.3.2012 - 20.6.2012) 6.00 pm, Great Coffee Bar Maribor (Velika kavarna Maribor)

The »Germans and Maribor« exhibition will be the central exhibit at the exhibition grounds in the former Velika kavarna building. It will highlight the role of the Germans in Maribor, which is always present in the people’s subconscious but has never been presented in detail. The exhibition will emphasise the fact that the Germans had an important role in the development of the town from the time of the formation of a Slovenian identity up to the end of the World War II. The Germans were an important town-building element because of their demographic relationships and economic and political power.

THE ZAGREB PHILHARMONICS AND IVO POGORELIĆ (March 24, 2012, at 7.00 pm, Maribor – Grand Hall, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor)

The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, under the leadership of the conductor Dmitrij Kitajenko and the pianist Ivo Pogorelić, will present Frideric Chopin’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in E-minor (op.11), and Johannes Brahms’ Symphony No.2 in D-major (op. 73) as part of the European Capital of Culture program. The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra is proud of its 140–year long tradition and is the key cultural ambassador of the Republic of Croatia. After winning the Karajanov contest in Berlin, the Russian conductor Dmitrij Kitajenko has flourished, producing his finest work and becoming the conductor of a number of prestigious ensembles.  

SLOVENIAN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (March 31, at 7 pm, Maribor – Union Hall)

A comeback of Orchestra under the leadership of their chief conductor Emmanuel Villaum is planned for next season. At least two specialties will mark the concert: we will be able to hear a new material from a Maribor-based composer, Marjan Šijanc, written by Orchestra's order, and a special guest appearance of Sarah Chang, Korean American violinist.

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